Causes of a sore throat in children

Sore throat in children is a common disease suffered by children. Generally when the child has sore throat there are some symptoms that occur. Like a sore throat, difficult to swallow, headache, tonsils swell.
For that as parents must understand what causes sore throat in children. The cause of sore throat in children is caused by.

1. Virus
The cause of sore throat in children can be triggered by viral infections, such as Influenza viruses, Mononucleosis, Apthous stomatitis, Croup, and measles.

2. Bacteria
The first cause of strep throat is an infection of several types of bacteria, such as Streptococcus group A, Arcanobacterium haemolyticum, Bordetella pertussis, and Corynebacterium diphteriae.

3. Allergies
Causes of sore throat in the next child is allergic. Yes, of the many cases of child's sore throat, there are some of them that are triggered by allergies

4. Lack of oral hygiene
With a lack of awareness of oral hygiene will increase the risk of suffering from strep throat. Therefore the importance of the role of parents to always remind the child to always maintain oral hygiene regularly.

5. Unhealthy lifestyle
With an unhealthy lifestyle then the child will be at risk of suffering from various diseases. Allowing children to play without rest can make the child's immune system weaken so susceptible to disease. It is advisable for parents to always maintain adequate child rest time. In addition to unhealthy lifestyles, with an unhealthy diet, children are prone to illness due to nutritional deficiencies that are important for the child's immune system. It is advisable to always provide a balanced diet for the child's vitamin needs are met.

Hopefully, this information is useful, and keep health.

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