Foods to Increase Female Sex Drive

Recent research says that those who make love more often or at least once a week has a longer likelihood of age, better able to ward off disease, and more happy life.

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How to restore that passion? There are various ways, such as enough rest and build a better emotional relationship with your partner. But there is also a better way, especially for your tongue, ie through food. As for foods that are known to increase female sexual desire among others.

1. Chocolate
Chocolate contains cocoa beans, which are not only known as aphrodisiacs but also contain phenylethylamine. These so-called compounds can help release the same endorphins that we produce during sex.
These compounds are also capable of triggering dopamine in the brain's pleasure center, which makes a person have a higher quality orgasm. Therefore nutritionists advise replacing the sweet chocolate with dark chocolate because it has a higher percentage of cocoa.

2. Cheese
Good nutrition is very important in the production of healthy hormones to maintain libido and improve your performance in bed. According to research, a menu rich in protein can help give a sexual boost, while increasing the amount of time you spend in bed alias make love longer.
Therefore you should include protein-rich intake such as cheese, meat, fish, and eggs in your diet as well.

3. Nuts
We all know the health benefits of nibbling nuts rather than chips or cakes. Other benefits of nuts for the body-especially almonds and nuts are the content of zinc and Omega 3 that facilitate the flow of blood, thereby increasing libido.
These foods also have high dopamine levels, which help to trigger passion in the same way as chocolate.

4. Avocado
This fruit has many health benefits, as it has healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamin B6, all of which help keep your energy and sex drive high. Avocado is also a good source of omega 3.

5. Ginger
The benefits of ginger have been recognized worldwide for centuries as a remedy. Ginger can boost the immune system and fight the flu, as well as increase your libido.
Ginger warms blood and functions as a stimulant of the circulatory system, thereby increasing blood flow to your intimate parts.

6. Green tea
Do you like to consume green tea? Green tea is very good in stimulating the passion of women in lovemaking. The kitekin substances contained in green tea can improve blood circulation in sex organs and can reduce inflammation in the blood vessels. Drink two glasses of green tea daily to improve your sexual life better.

7. Red meat and liver
A very basic problem for a woman losing her sexual desire is due to her lack of iron. Deficiency of these elements to be one cause of low libido in women. Therefore, you should eat foods rich in iron

8. Fatty fish
Types of fish that can increase women's sexual arousal like salmon, sardines, mackerel, and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils are fish that can increase dopamine in the brain. These foods will help in relaxing the nerves and improve blood circulation, thus increasing sexual arousal in women.

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