Simple Way to Improve Male Fertility

The simple way to increase male fertility can be done by light exercise.  Men can improve the quality of sperm by doing sports as much as 3-5 times a week. The facts obtained from the results of research conducted on 261 healthy men aged 25-40 years with minimal lifestyle with activity.

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The results of the study showed that the group of men who exercise that is not heavy or not intense has the best fertility quality than the group of men who do strenuous exercise. Groups with moderate exercise show sperm volume over 8%. The group's sperm motility increased 12%, and their morphology increased by 17%.

The level of weight and lightness of this type of sporting activity is actually up to you. You can measure it from your own health and fitness level. However, there are several types of light exercise that almost anyone can do. What kind of light exercise can improve male fertility? You can try some sports like:

1. Yoga

Yoga, which is often regarded as one way of meditating, is considered to reduce stress and toxins that exist in the body. In addition, yoga movement is also believed to burn calories and strengthen muscles.

2. Jogging

Jogging is one of the most effective cardio exercises for weight loss and increase male fertility. If you do not have more time to do this activity, you can do light jogging in a short time, compared to heavy jogging is only done occasionally.

3. Swim

This one water sport is not only fun to do, it can also burn calories while producing endorphins that are responsible for feelings of pleasure, without having to put the elbows, knees, and joints on the wrist.

The types of light exercise should be done regularly and continuously. The reason, based on the results of the same study, increased fertility in men will stop within a matter of weeks after stopping exercise. Quality figures and even the sperm volume will return to the starting rate if the sport is not done constantly and continuously. In contrast to the benefits of moderate exercise, intense and intense exercise is thought to damage sperm.

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However, of course, sports to improve male fertility should also be balanced by a healthy lifestyle. For example, by quitting smoking. Because the content contained in cigarettes can affect the quantity of sperm. You should also maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle with a good diet.

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