Simple Ways to Overcome Sore Throat

Simple Ways to Overcome Sore Throat

Sore Throat

Sore throat or medical term "Faringitis" is one of the most common diseases suffered by people in the world. Almost everyone has experienced pain or sore throat. From young to elderly have experienced it. Sore throat can be relieved with drugs that are sold in pharmacies. But many people do not know there is a simple way to relieve this sore throat without having to buy drugs at pharmacies.
Let's look at some simple ways that can overcome a sore throat

1. Get enough rest
Get enough rest
With adequate rest, you can make the immune system strong so that it can ward off any kind of disease and restore your body resistance to maximal again. Get enough sleep (8-9 hours) and reduce activity, and avoid excessive exhaust. Priority also eat foods such as vegetable soup or chicken soup

2. Avoid tobacco smoke
When you have a sore throat should avoid cigarette smoke, because exposure to smoke and chemicals contained in cigarettes will worsen your situation. Therefore, as much as possible to avoid direct smoke

3. Drinking warm water
Drinking Water
This method is the easiest way you can do when a sore throat, drinking warm water. By drinking lots of water is the key to the loss of inflammation, as you stay hydrated. Not only warm water, tea or warm water broth is also recommended.

4. Drink salt water
Salt Water
Although there is no medical explanation for drinking salt water can overcome a sore throat, but salt water proved to overcome a sore throat. For its use simply dissolve the salt in a glass of warm water.

5. Honey
Next to overcome a sore throat is by consumption of honey. It is rare to know that one of the benefits of honey in treating sore throat. Yet since centuries ago, the consistency of honey is believed to be very good to relieve inflammation and heat in the throat. In addition, honey can also coat the throat and fight inflammatory bacteria that may hide there. Not only inflammation, honey is also believed to both to relieve a cough and throat-related diseases and lungs. How to? by mixing a spoon of honey into a glass of warm water then feel the benefits.

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Hopefully, this information is useful, and keep health.

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