What Is Diphtheria?

1. What is Diphtheria?
Diphtheria is an acute infection that is highly contagious and can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Diphtheria usually occurs in the throat, nose, sometimes on the skin and ears.

2. Diagnosis
The diagnosis of diphtheria can be through patient interviews and physical examination. A more accurate way to know this disease is by identifying it using the "flourescent antibody technique", ie adding a dye to the tissue you want to examine. If there is poison or bacteria, then in the network will arise a shining color.

3. Symptoms

Symptoms that occur in people with diphtheria depends on where the bacteria breed. Diphtheria is known by four types:

a. Pharynx and Tonsil Diphtheria
In the form of inflammation of the mucous membrane and does not form a thin tissue.

b. Diphtheria Nose
Starting from like flu symptoms, but then the nasal secretions are mixed with little blood.

c. Diphtheria
There are canker sores on the skin and genitals, accompanied by the onset of tissue on it. In this condition, the injuries that occur tend not to feel anything.

d. Diphtheria and Trachea Diphtheria
In this diphtheria, the patient has difficulty making noise, shortness of breath, breath sounds, high fever up to 40 degrees Celsius, skin looks bluish, and swelling of the neck gland.

4. Complications

If diphtheria is not given further treatment it will cause some complications, among others:

a. Nerve damage
Toxins can cause difficulty in swallowing, urinary problems, paralysis of the diaphragm, and swelling of the nerves of the hands and feet.

b. Respiratory problems
Respiratory problems are caused by cells that die from the toxic bacteria of diphtheria that will form a gray tissue so that this tissue inhibits breathing.

c. Hypertensive diphtheria
This diphtheris is the worst complication, because it can trigger severe bleeding and kidney failure.

d. Heart damage
Complications that can be caused by diphtheria toxin if not handled by serious there is a heart damage caused by diphtheria toxins that enter the heart. Problems that will be experienced are irregular heartbeat, heart failure, even the worst can cause death.

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