Why Women Difficult Orgasm?

According to research ever done only about 30% of women that have experienced orgasm during sex. In fact, in another study that says that 10% of women have never experienced orgasm during sex or masturbation.

There are various influential things that must be met if a woman wants to reach orgasm. But there are also things that can interfere with and affect a woman's success in reaching orgasm in having sex.

So what exactly makes it difficult for women to reach orgasm?

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1. Physical stress or psychic stress
Physical fatigue is one of the first causes that disrupt women to achieve orgasm. The reason, housewives or career women certainly has many activities and activities that must be completed every day. After a tired day of work, women sometimes do not think about sex because they are tired and just want to rest.

Psychological stress more often attacks women than men. Because it can not be denied women are more easily carried away from men.
Feelings of anger, sadness, or anxiety that occur due to various problems or PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) before menstruation can be the cause

2. Psychic Trauma
The psychic trauma of a woman's past, whether caused by rape, harassment, or an unpleasant experience of intercourse can be one of the obstacles to reaching an orgasm.

3. Body Organs Abnormalities
Although this is rare, organ abnormalities caused by injury, infection, or surgery can also be a cause of difficult women's orgasms.

4. Drugs
And finally, the cause of difficult women reaching orgasm is the influence of certain drugs that are being consumed. Examples are high blood medicine, depression medications, and birth control pills.

If you have difficulty in reaching orgasm, do not hesitate to immediately seek help from the experts. Various therapies can also be done to address the cause appropriately. In addition, you can increase stamina by diligent exercise, eat healthy foods are balanced nutrition, enough rest, and if necessary vitamin consumption.

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