Damage of Drinking Alcohol and How to Stopping Alcohol Addiction

Adverse Effects of Alcohol - There are many reasons why people drink alcohol. The first reason may be because they enjoy alcohol or social demands. Another reason may be because it wants to relieve stress or forget the complicated problems in life.

Unfortunately, drinks that are considered to soothe the soul saves a lot of harm to the body if drunk exceeds healthy levels, especially the organs of our hearts

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Liver Damaged 
In addition to the brain, the organ is very complex is the heart. This organ serves to help the process of digesting food, filtering toxins from the blood, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, and help the body fight infections and other disease attacks.

But what happens when the liver is exposed to harmful substances such as alcohol in excessive amounts? The answer is that the liver will be damaged.

The illustrations are as follows. When you drink alcohol, this fluid will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Alcohol in high concentration will pass through the liver before circulating throughout the body. In the liver, there are cells containing enzymes in charge of converting the alcohol into water and carbon dioxide so as not to have a negative impact on other body parts.

Some liver cells die every time they are exposed to alcohol. But because the liver is a tough organ, the liver can easily produce new cells. But the ability of the liver that can regenerate this cell will eventually be disrupted when you continue to consume alcohol in the long run. The result is the liver cannot produce new cells that cause the liver to be severely damaged.

Here is the stage of liver damage that will be experienced by a liquor addict. Please note that there are some addicts who are directly attacked by several conditions below simultaneously.

  • Fatty liver. This condition can be experienced by people who consume liquor in large quantities, even if only a few days. Consume alcohol can trigger fat accumulation in the liver. These conditions generally do not cause symptoms. Special treatment is not necessary because the liver condition will return to normal if you stop consuming alcohol for 14 days. Because it has no symptoms, you should be careful because some people who experience fatty liver can be infected with liver inflammation or hepatitis.
  • Hepatitis. After suffering from fatty liver, the next stage is attacked by hepatitis. This can happen if you continue to consume alcohol when the condition of the liver has been filled with fat. The result will be inflamed heart. Just like fatty liver, this condition has no symptoms. Conditions at this level can recover if you stop drinking forever. Sound no harm, but do not underestimate this condition because this includes a serious illness that can be life-threatening. If you do not stop drinking alcohol, hepatitis will grow. Acute hepatitis can cause liver failure. This can lead to disturbed blood clots, jaundice, coma, and bleeding in the intestine.
  • Cirrhosis. The worst condition you can experience due to continuous consumption of alcohol is cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a condition when the liver is damaged and injured so that it can not produce new cells anymore. Unlike the two previous conditions, cirrhosis cannot be recovered. However, by stopping the consumption of liquor can prevent further liver damage. The chance of survival can also be prolonged by undergoing a liver transplant if the cirrhosis is severe or complicated.

Negative Effects of Other Alcoholic Substances
In addition to liver disease, alcohol can also cause other conditions such as:

  • Digestive problems.
  • High uric acid.
  • Cancer.
  • Anemia.
  • Heart disease.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Dementia.
  • Diabetic Complications
  • Eye disorders.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • The immune system weakens.

Adverse effects not only occur in the consumer, the fetus in the womb may also be affected. Pregnant women who consume alcoholic beverages risk giving birth to a disabled baby.

Consuming alcohol can also plunge you into danger, such as having an accident due to driving a motor vehicle recklessly due to the influence of alcohol. When you are drunk, your focus, mind, and mind are distracted so you can unconsciously engage in violence, such as fighting or harming others.

You can also just fall down the stairs for being too drunk. Unconscious sex or unsafe sex can also be done when alcohol is affected.

Tips to Stop Drink Addiction
Before it's too late, it's better to prevent these negative things from happening to you by limiting or stopping your drinking. It is difficult to stop this habit, especially for those who are classified as a serious addict. But with strong determination and support of people around, addiction to alcohol can be removed. Here are tips you can do to get rid of alcohol addiction.

1. Medical treatment
Maybe changing your lifestyle alone is not powerful enough for those of you who have 'worshiped' alcohol for years. Do not worry because your dependency can be helped through medical hands. The first thing you can do is follow a detox or rehab program for.

Drinking certain drugs can also suppress your appetite to consume alcoholic drinks. There are also drugs that can give uncomfortable effects when you drink. So when you consume alcohol during treatment, you will feel a headache, nausea, or vomiting. For more severe cases, there are drugs that can be injected.

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2. Change your lifestyle
The first step to stop consuming liquor is to avoid the physical form. Discard the entire bottle of liquor that is still in your house, in order to reduce the desire to taste it.

During this process, you should avoid the things that trigger you to consume alcoholic drinks. For a while, you can stay away from people who have often accompanied you when drunk. If you are invited to get drunk, politely decline and tell them you now want to stop drinking alcohol.

Do positive activities that can divert your desire from alcohol, such as doing hobbies, exercising, joining social activities, gathering with family, or join the anti-alcohol community. Make sure you are with positive-energy people who can support your life's improvement.

When you decide to stop drinking alcohol, you must be completely free from it, even if it is just a drop. No need to fear shunned by friends for stopping drinking. Remember that your health and life are much more valuable.

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