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Information about being pregnant

Information About Being Pregnant - Entering the pregnancy will usually make young pregnant women become confused and worried. In addition to feeling good about the presence of a baby in the family, young pregnant women are also usually will be anxious with the changes that occur, anxious with the preparation of what you should do and confused how to handle all these things. Especially when pregnancy is the first experience.

Follow this article to find out what changes will be experienced by young pregnant women, things that should be done young pregnant women and how to cope with changes experienced by young pregnant women.

Changes in Young Pregnant Body
Young pregnant women will experience some changes in the body in the period first trimester. Because the changes that occur are the transition from non-pregnant to pregnant, then young pregnant women will feel the change is quite drastic. Starting from the sensation of nausea, vomiting into daily routines to fatigue and mood changes are often difficult to avoid. However, it does not mean that all young pregnant women will experience and feel the change considering there is variation in each individual.

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Here are some of the changes that often occur in young pregnant women:

1. Bleeding
Approximately 25% of young pregnant women will experience slight bleeding in the first trimester. In young pregnant women, a slight drop of blood may indicate the occurrence of implantation or attachment of the embryo in the uterine lining. However, young pregnant women should be vigilant if there is bleeding in large amounts accompanied by pain in the stomach because it can be a sign of miscarriage or pregnancy outside the womb.

2. Enlarged Breasts
Many young pregnant women think their stomachs will start to swell when they are pregnant. In fact, in the first trimester, a significant change in the body of the breast is enlarged. This happens because of the hormonal influences that prepare the mother for breastfeeding. Breast enlargement is usually followed by pain. So young pregnant women are advised to prepare a bra that is designed specifically for the pregnancy so that the breasts feel more comfortable.

3. Constipation
During pregnancy, bowel muscle movement will be slower than the time before pregnancy. This is due to a large number of progesterone hormones that have the effect of decreasing contraction or movement of muscles in the intestinal wall. Not to mention the iron nutrients that pregnant young women should consume will increase the likelihood of mothers exposed to constipation. Make sure young pregnant women consume fiber and water in sufficient quantities.

4. Whitish
The discharge of milky white and slightly viscous fluid is normal for young pregnant women. Wear a panty liner product when it makes you more comfortable. However, the use of panty liner should often be replaced because the old damp conditions can cause infection in your sex organs. If the whiteness is green or yellow and gives an unpleasant odor, consult your obstetrician immediately.

5. Nausea Vomiting and Morning Sickness
The most famous symptoms that occur in young pregnant women are nausea, vomiting or morning sickness. Symptoms of this pregnancy occur in 85% of young pregnant women. Morning sickness occurs due to hormonal changes in pregnancy and may last until the mother is about to enter the second trimester. Usually, young pregnant women will feel sick every morning, even vomiting every day. To overcome this, try to eat smaller portions, consume foods with less stinging taste, drink water or drink acidic water like apple juice. If vomiting occurs excessively and until you are unable to eat, consult this with your obstetrician.

6. Easy to Tired
Young pregnant women should work harder during pregnancy because they have to support the body of the fetus that depends on the mother's womb. This is the reason why young pregnant women can feel more tired than usual. Make sure the mother gets enough rest time and limit the activities that make the mother tired. Mothers should also keep the levels of iron consumed, as iron deficiency can lead the mother to an anemia that worsens the mother's fatigue.

7. Cravings
More than 60% of young pregnant women will have a craving feeling for a particular type of food. of the 60%, half will experience a change in appetite. That is food that is usually a favorite food mother before birth is now a food that wants to shun mom. Following the impulse to fulfill the desire to eat something is not a bad thing, but beware if the mother craves unhealthy food.

8. Frequent Urination
Although the only first trimester, young pregnant women will begin to experience the desire to urinate more often. The fetus in the early trimester is not too big, but the uterus has begun to enlarge to adapt early with the fetus that will be enlarged. Do not reduce the drink to reduce the frequency of urination.

9. Burning and Uncomfortable Throat
Pregnancy hormones that appear in young pregnant women can make the muscles that control the digestive tract become weaker. Especially the muscles that regulate to lock the gastrointestinal tract in the esophagus associated with the stomach. As a result, stomach acid can easily rise into the esophagus and cause a burning sensation in the acidic esophagus. Or feel uncomfortable and bloated. The solution is to reduce fatty foods, caffeine, and do not lie down or sleep at least 3 hours after eating.

10. Mood Changes or Mood Swings
Hormonal changes during pregnancy and feelings of fatigue can make your mood unstable. Sometimes you get excited and feel helpless, or you're more sensitive to some small things or fear the future. This is normal in this period. Young pregnant women can try to overcome by talking to their husbands or family or friends.

Things To Do Young Pregnant Women

Early pregnancy is a time filled with happiness and sometimes confusion. Young pregnant women should learn about some important things done during pregnancy. In particular, the first trimester is an important and critical period for the development and growth of the fetal vital organs. Pregnant women should also begin to adapt to their womb and work their best to maintain their pregnancy. Here are some things that should be young pregnant women do during early pregnancy:

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1. Visit Gynecologist
Once you make sure that you are pregnant with the urine test pack, the first thing you should think about is a visit to an obstetrician. Pregnancy to a midwife is not a problem, but try to get a screening with a USG once in the first trimester. Visiting a midwife or obstetrician is important to check your blood pressure.

2. Folic Acid
All young pregnant women need Folic Acid intake during pregnancy. If necessary, you can buy folic acid supplements by consulting this in advance to the midwife or obstetrician. Mom needs 400mcg of folic acid (Vitamin B9) every day. The role of folic acid is very important in the first trimester because it helps the development of the fetal nerve, and the state of folic acid deficiency can lead to dangerous health complications in your fetus.

3. Iron
Adequate intake of iron during pregnancy is also an important thing that young pregnant women should not miss. Iron deficiency in the body can cause the mother to fall into anemia or lack of red blood cells. In addition to harming the mother, iron deficiency will harm the fetus because the fetus until the baby will only get an iron intake from his mother. Consuming foods containing iron or taking iron supplements is very important for pregnant women. Try not to consume iron together with milk or tea because it reduces absorption.

4. Beware of Drugs
Young pregnant women should be extra careful in taking drugs, even drug stalls are sold freely in pharmacies. Some types of drugs taken by pregnant women can penetrate the placenta and participate in the fetus circulating. And this drug that does not cause harm to the mother's body was able to cause undesirable events on the development and growth of the fetus. Consult all medications you normally take to your obstetrician.

5. Reduce Caffeine
Young pregnant women do not need to drink caffeine fast but should reduce excessive caffeine intake. Excessive caffeine may increase the risk of miscarriage. Limit caffeine consumption by 200 mg per day. 200 mg of caffeine is equivalent to 2 cups of instant coffee. Keep in mind that soft drinks, tea (even green tea), chocolate and energy drinks also contain caffeine.

6. Stop Smoking and Avoid Cigarette Smoke
It is common knowledge that smoking can cause illness in healthy people who inhale the smoke. This applies also to pregnant women. Cigarettes can harm the mother and fetus by causing pregnancy outside the uterus, prematurely ruptured membranes in older pregnancy and miscarriage. In addition to affecting pregnancy, smoking can also make a child born with low weight. So, quitting smoking and avoiding cigarette smoke during pregnancy is something that mothers must do.

7. Know Healthy Foods For Pregnant Women
Young pregnant women should start looking and reading about food knowledge for pregnant women. Mom needs to know what kind of food to consume and what foods to avoid when pregnant. Young pregnant women do not require too many calories in the first trimester.

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It is not unusual for young pregnant women to feel joy and confusion at the same time in early pregnancy. Do not be afraid of the physical changes experienced by young pregnant women because it is a normal thing. Go to your obstetrician if you have a very severe abdominal pain, excessive bleeding, excessive headaches and excessive weight gain. Anticipation to give birth to healthy and strong children should also be accompanied by a mother's commitment to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Enjoy the first trimester!

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