The Types of Foods to Avoid For Pregnant Women

The Types of Foods to Avoid For Pregnant Women

The Types of Foods to Avoid For Pregnant Women - In the previous article, we have discussed what foods are good for pregnant women in the first trimester. In general, the recommended foods to support the health of pregnant women are whole grain products, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, and fruits. In this article will discuss the types of foods that are good to avoid for pregnant women.

It is important to pay attention to food intake in pregnant women so that the process of development of the baby during the womb runs smoothly. For that, a pregnant mother should understand the prohibited food group consisting mostly of raw foods, as well as several other foods.

Intake of nutrients obtained by the fetus during the womb will have an impact on his health condition. Similarly, about the adverse effects of food on the fetus that can even be felt for life.

Here is a list of foods that are prohibited or avoided for pregnant women include:

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1. Raw Meat
Raw meat or meat serving processed only half cooked, at risk of toxoplasma virus. The virus can cause infections that are harmful to the fetus in the womb, although pregnant women do not experience any symptoms.

It is important to always cook red meat, white meat, including minced meat and raw sausage until cooked perfectly to avoid toxoplasma virus. When ripe, the entire meat no longer appears bleeding or pink.

Wash the entire surface and tools used to cook raw meat and always diligently wash hands after handling raw meat. In addition, be aware of toxoplasmosis from the soil, pet feces, and unclean water.

2. Raw Eggs
Pregnant women should avoid consuming raw eggs or any food containing raw eggs because of the risk of contracting salmonella bacteria. Sauces for salads, ice cream, and cream cakes are generally based on raw eggs, so keep an eye out. We recommend that you first ask or check the packaging before taking them.

Make sure pregnant women consume only mature eggs are marked with the white and yolk solid. Salmonella bacteria can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea in pregnant women, although it is less likely to affect the condition of the fetus.

3. Raw Vegetables
Some types of sprouts are not recommended for consumption raw, including bean sprouts from green beans and clover leaves because in fact bacteria in sprouts is very difficult to clean only with the process of washing so it needs to be cooked until cooked. Actually, this prohibition applies to everyone, but pregnant women are asked to be warmer.

4. Fish Containing Mercury
Pregnant women are advised to consume marine fish at every phase of pregnancy. The goal is to meet the omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients that are found in seafood. However, fish from polluted oceans would be very dangerous for 1-month pregnant women. Pollution in fish will be absorbed as food nutrition. And this is not only harmful to the fetus, but also to the pregnant woman itself. Therefore, make sure that the fish are purchased are qualified.

Some types of fish that are prohibited for pregnant women consumed include shark and swordfish (swordfish). In addition, the consumption of tuna should be limited. Tuna consumption has a high risk of mercury that can interfere with the development of the nervous system in the fetus.

Limiting the intake of fish to pregnant women, including salmon and other marine fish, is mandatory given the risk of dioxin pollutants and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Should not eat sea fish more than two moderate servings per week.

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5. Heart
Liver organs are often part of the menu on complementary feeding foods in infants over six months. However, the consumption of liver organism should be avoided pregnant women, including other types of foods that contain liver. Vitamin A content that is too high in the liver is actually at risk of disrupting the health of the fetus in the womb.

6. Dairy Products Without Pasteurization
Dairy products are nutritious foods that are needed by pregnant women. It's just that, milk products or cheese without pasteurization process should be avoided. Food sources of this type can trigger food poisoning. There is also a risk of listeria bacteria that can cause pregnancy infections contained in milk without pasteurization.

In addition, should avoid eating fruit juice without going through the process of pasteurization. For example, a juice made in the area of agriculture or housing. This product is very risky contain germs, including bacteria E. coli.

Everyone has a favorite food, but when you are pregnant, you should avoid such prohibited foods and prioritize foods with balanced nutritional content every day. If necessary, consult with your doctor about what foods and drinks are recommended for pregnant women.

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