What is FoMO (Fear of Missing Out)

RealMagz - The fear of missing out (FoMO), is a condition in which a person is afraid of is said to be not afraid to miss the news and updates that are being started. FoMO is fear and anxiety which can cause side effects physical or psychological. Yuk, find out what it is and what its effects FoMO for the health of soul and body.

The fear of missing out of the usual abbreviated FoMO is a type of anxiety which the public perceived the millennial generation, i.e., those born in 1981 until 1980. This condition is getting popular recently when Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Path, and other social media, turned into an important part of their daily lives.

Every day, from waking up to going to bed again, people flocked presents or trying to be the first to update certain information. While people with FoMO easily was the most anxious, uneasy, and troubled if they missed any information in social media.

According to the Department of Psychology, School of Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom, FoMO is a condition that can lead to people outside the boundaries of reasonableness applies in social media. In addition to the fear of missed the news on social media, they are also sometimes deliberately putting up pictures, writings, or even promote yourself that is not necessarily just for the sake of honest look updates. Ironically, this could be considered a search for sensations and their happiness in social media.

What is the impact if you have a FoMO?
The anxiety that is made by this social media can create a negative effect is real, you know. Among other things, be bad for mental, physical, and their lives. Anxious because it can't update on social media in time could backfire. Just imagine if one day people with anxiety like this does not get internet access and electricity or when they forgot to bring the mobile phone.

Please note, anxiety is a thing that is capable of triggering the excessive stress and depression in a person. Based on a study, the anxiety can make the production of important hormones such as serotonin and adrenaline the body disturbed. Hard to sleep, no appetite, headaches, and mood can appear chaotic when the hormones in your body out of balance.

In addition, when you feel anxious, the body will tend to produce a sense of nausea. This occurs when the intestine send signals to the brain that your body is being threatened. Often, ultimately the body will react with conjures a sense of nausea.

As reported in The Nottingham Post Science Direct, FoMO is a condition that can make your social relationships so broken. Yes, reasonable in frequency updates in social media could give rise to negative things. For example, if a friend invites you to go play, then You can't answer. However, unknowingly You went with your other friends while updating her on social media. It could make your friends before you will feel betrayed. Ends, unwittingly your social connections with your friends may be less good.

Can use social media, but don't overdo it
Although FoMO is a phenomenon that is harmful to your mental, physical, and social health, it does not mean you are prohibited from using social media at all. It's okay to use social media, but with reasonable limits.

Instead, limit the use of social media are balanced with your activity. Not all the things in life You have to post also. In addition, try not to compare your life with someone else's life in social media. Because in fact, what is shown in social media isn't really happening.

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